The Thriving Artist techniques

The Thriving Artist techniques

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A Painter And His Animals

From alligators to parakeets to a champion black angus that’s the range of the portraiture of this man, which currently is developing into a thriving and highly specialized art business. If a person has a pet flea and is able to take a vivid picture of it, I’ll make it into a painting, expresses the artist. To this point, he opted to focus on animal subjects such as rabbits, horses, dogs, birds, cats, and just a single alligator.

When he was still a kid, he was fascinated in animals and art. What the artists know is that making a decent living to support a wife and kid cannot be done by simply selling fine paintings. Continuing his studies he moved to the Bay Area where he tried to pursue a career in commercial art. What he did during World War II was open his display business and engaged in fine art as a hobby.

It was suggested by his wife that he develop his hobby into a business after he impressed a friend and his pair of siamese cats as he made a portrait of the felines that almost ruined it by purring and rubbing against it. He went into the pet portrait painting business in earnest, with increasingly happy financial result.

The cow palace was the home of his freshest masterpieces. From then on he was showered with commissions to come up with portraits of fine show horses, a pet parakeet whose owner raised it from an egg, and also a champion rabbit. What a famous television actor singer and recording artist wanted him to do was to make a portrait of his horse. He was appointed as well to create the painting of the prize winning black angus. It is something better than painting people portraits for him and he says that the subjects do not kick.

Taking note of a big university in Santa Clara they have a new director of the gallery and museum and in San Jose she was the former director of a big museum and she took on the job a month ago succeeding a reverend who died early last month. Well known in the art world is what the new director is and she exhibited locally at the palace of the legion of honor and nationally as well.

The works of a local sculptor will be exhibited at a gallery in San Francisco. In the exhibit, thirty of his works will be shown covering neo classical to highly abstracted forms. Not only is he a highly talented artist but he is also a photographer, a writer, and the conductor of a ballet school. He was able to star in the movie called spectre of a rose. Coming from a private collection will be more than 200 objects, sculptures, paintings, prints, and books that will be displayed in a famous museum.

What covers 50 years is a collection owned by a couple from Pennsylvania. It is a collection of scores of other historic greats and the works of a dozen famous painters. It was when he was still a student of Harvard that the husband began to collect books but now by purchasing them on installment he has been able to acquire many of the more valuable objects.

The Thriving Artist techniques

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The Thriving Artist techniques

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