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How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy techniques

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Shoreditch Property: Ancient Times & Today’s Buzz

Mention Shoreditch property to many Londoners and they’ll tell you about the area’s stylish bistros, bars and restaurants; creative enterprises; the London markets and the vibrant annual Shoreditch festival. The area underwent a huge renaissance from the 1980s, when Shoreditch estate agents began to renovate warehouse style spaces to give the area it’s renowned stylish and contemporary living and work units. Even so, Shoreditch already had a very long history of creative architecture and arts, entertainment and lifestyle shopping.

Our five minute potted guide to the history of Shoreditch, the modern regeneration, and who lives there now gives you a useful guide to the areas unique blend of culture and stunning properties. Find out why so many people rate Shoreditch for the quality of life and why the area attracts so many professionals and students alike.

Shoreditch History – Churches, Theatres and Lifestyle Shopping

Records of early Shoreditch show initially it was prized for its important churches, which may leave you wondering how it developed into today’s cultural melting pot. The area later became renowned for theatre and home to the first British theatres, which mounted the first ever Shakespeare productions. Shoreditch was also home to silk, ribbon and other textile manufacturing and grew to be home for acclaimed furniture, home décor and printing artisans. It was favourite haunt for Dickens and residents were well known for adding architectural features to their homes simply for artistic value. In the 1900’s, the picture included the new industrial warehouses and factories; and the famous theatres were now joined by music halls. Despite this long history of culture, the modern face of Shoreditch property is actually much more a product of the devastation of World War Two.

Shoreditch After The War and Today’s Arts Hub

Much of Shoreditch was simply levelled during the London Blitz. Post-war efforts to rebuild were sadly accompanied by a slow industrial decline over some years. In the post-War era, Britain developed a taste for the new, mass-priced goods instead of the traditional artisan crafted output of the likes of the Shoreditch firms. The decline strangely helped herald in the renaissance though, as progressive Shoreditch estate agents began to tap the potential of large warehouses and factory spaces. Conversions created truly stunning live and work units, attracting the creative industries from the 1908s. Stars like Damien Hurst and the late Alexander McQueen epitomised the area in the 1990s and by the ‘naughties’, Shoreditch was the new heart of the London arts, dotcom and media scenes. Todays residents are just as likely to be an eclectic, vibrant mix of aspiring professionals.

The Shoreditch Revival – Today’s Companies and Residents

Shoreditch is blessed with excellent transport links and in any case is within walking distance to the city. It follows therefore that savvy city workers began to check the windows and websites of Shoreditch estate agents. They were equally attracted by the location, those incredible, spacious conversions, the entertainment and the shopping possibilities. By now, Shoreditch property defined ‘loft living’, with its former industrial units turned into live or work units characterised by vast polished wooden floors, tremendous floor to ceiling height, the innovative use of beautiful brickwork and glass to bring in light.

Up and coming students from the Hackney Community College joined literally thousands of artists, creative workers and professionals from the new media/dotcom vanguard. Shoreditch estate agents began to let and sell every type of home, from the lofts to studios, to one beds, to family sized homes. Companies will find superb quality retail and office space, again, blessed with those excellent transport links to the whole of London. There’s also the fantastic eating and cultural scene for corporate entertaining right on the doorstep.

Stirling Ackroyd was one of the leading Shoreditch estate agents in the 1980s spearheading the regeneration movement. Today we know the area from over three decades of service and will help you or your company find your ideal Shoreditch property.

How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy techniques

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How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy techniques

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